We Have decided to migrate our all server to new DDoS protect Data Center (colocrossing). transfer will be step by step we are now starting CLI2 server, also we have decided to make 100% mail delivery to and 99% to inbox garantee. with stmp relay , DDoS protection is free but for smtp relay will cost extra, email 100% delivery is for buinsess customers 

You are inform to do not update your site, we will start migration on 03/09/2016 at the morning 8:00, during this time site no down time but you will stop your work on website for 24 hrs

for more info please visit announmnet page regulary 

Thanks for understanding

migration start and in progress


very unlucky seems hard disk again failing, we have start transfer and its pending but every one must have backup in local PC,

transfer complete

if you are reseller you must point name server to these IP

server IP is:

Note: first two IP's is only name server IP, server ip is also mention

Friday, September 2, 2016

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