Enable Two Factor Authentication for cPanel Login

Login to Cpanel

Note: This system only work on SmartPhone right now

You must install any supported apps on your smartPhone 


1) Click on the Two-Factor Authentication icon in Security Section.

2) Click on the button that is labeled Configure Two-Factor Authentication. You will see a QR code appear on the screen. You will need your mobile device with the Google Authentication app for next 2 steps. The Google Authentication application uses the camera on your mobile device in order to view the QR code. If your device cannot read the QR code, then you can use the manual code provided below the QR code. Click on Manual entry in order to enter the provided key.

3) If you can scan the QR code with your device, then click on Scan barcode.

4) Once you scan the QR code you will get a code that will only show for a short period of time. Go down the screen to Step 2 and type in the 6-digit code.

5) Once the code is entered you will see a message that says "Success: Two-factor authentication is now configured on your account." At this point, if you log out of the cPanel, you will be required to enter your normal cPanel password and then use the Google authentication app to provide the code to login cPanel as per the screenshot below:

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